seguinos miranos


Delta Magic:

A foggy dawn, the sun caresses the steps of the wharf; the flight of a heron interrupts the humid air, while the drone of the boat warehouse announces the beginning of a new day. Briefly to capture the magic of the Delta in a few words is like trying to catch a part of the river with the hands: histories, personages, aromas and colors would slip us, to return to be fused in a same mass of water that advances slowly, but with the security from the powerful.

The word Tigre comes from yaguareté or American tiger, old predator of the region always searching of red marshes deer's. With the advance of the population, they were disappearing, not therefore the tenacity of those first settlers, who still in very adverse conditions continued with their projects. But it was with the arrival of the first European immigrants around 1890, that the islands area began to grow, in special by the introduction of the wicker by D. F. Sarmiento that soon along with the production of fruits would become the first source of income of the islanders. The persistence of these settlers turned its flooding ground into cultivable, overcoming the implacable swellings produced by the sudestada.

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